Ronnier Frates Rohrich

PhD Student

Graduated in Electrical Industrial Engineering from the Federal Technological University of Parana (2011), Master in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Parana (2013) in the area of ​​Power System and Applied Artificial Intelligence, develops doctorate in the area of ​​Robotics, within the program Post-graduation in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics (CPGEI). He is currently a professor in the Academic Department of Electronics at the Federal Technological University of Parana, member of the Advanced Robotics and Embedded Systems Laboratory (LASER), and member of Centre in Digitalization and Intelligent Robotics (CeDRI). He has experience in the areas of Electrical Engineering, acting mainly on the following themes: autonomous robotic systems, use of artificial intelligence methods applied in different areas (robotics and energy systems), Embedded Systems, Operation and Maintenance of Hydroelectric Plants, SHPs, Transmission Lines, Wind Farms and development of projects and commissioning of control and protection systems for the generation and transmission of electricity.



Collective Gas Sensing in a Cyber-Physical System

Authors: Rohrich, R. ; Teixeira M.A.S. ; Lima J. ; De Oliveira A.S.

IEEE Sensors Journal

Year: 2021 | Journal | View Abstract | Link


Authors: Rohrich, R.

Supervisors: Lima J

Year: 2021 | PhD | View Abstract |

Bio-inspired Distributed Sensors to Autonomous Search of Gas Leak Source

Authors: Rohrich, R. ; Piardi, L. ; Lima J ; Oliveira A.S.D.

Proceedings of MARSS 2020: International Conference on Manipulation, Automation, and Robotics at Small Scales

Year: 2020 | Conference Proceeding | View Abstract | Link

Remote control for mobile robots using gestures captured by the RGB camera and recognized by deep learning techniques

Authors: Martinelli D. ; Sousa A.L. ; Augusto M.E. ; Kalempa V.C. ; Oliveira A.S.D. ; Rohrich, R. ; Teixeira M.A.

Proceedings - 2019 Latin American Robotics Symposium, 2019 Brazilian Symposium on Robotics and 2019 Workshop on Robotics in Education, LARS/SBR/WRE 2019

Year: 2019 | Conference Proceeding | View Abstract | Link

A Quadcopter and Mobile Robot Cooperative Task Using Visual Tags Based on Augmented Reality ROS Package

Authors: Cantieri A.R. ; Rohrich, R. ; de Oliveira A.S. ; Wehrmeister M.A. ; Fabro J.A. ; de Oliveira Vaz M. ; Goulart M.E. ; Hideki G.

Studies in Computational Intelligence

Year: 2019 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link