Paulo Leitão

Electrical Engineering

Paulo Leitão is Professor Coordenador at the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Department of Electrical Engineering, and member of the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory (LIACC), where currently is member of the Directive Board. He is/was principal investigator for 9 research projects in the area of intelligent manufacturing systems, supervised 3 PhD thesis and is currently supervising 4 PhD thesis. He published more than 200 publications in international journals and conferences, co-authored 3 patents, and won 4 scientific awards. He served as general co-chair in 4 international conferences, and Chair of the IEEE IES Technical Committee on Industrial Agents, and currently he is member at-large of the IEEE IES Administrative Committee (AdCom) and chair of the IEEE Standards Association P2660.1 Working Group.


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Industrial Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems

Intelligent System and Data Analytics

Intelligent and Collaborative Robotic Systems

Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Decision Support

DepthLiDAR: Active segmentation of environment depth map into mobile sensors

Authors: Limeira M. ; Piardi, L. ; Kalempa V.C. ; Leitão, P ; De Oliveira A.S.

IEEE Sensors Journal

Year: 2021 | Journal | View Abstract | Link

Soiling monitoring modelling for photovoltaic system

Authors: Pagani V.H. ; Los N.A. ; Wellington Maidana ; Leitão, P ; Casaro M.M. ; Nascimento C.B.

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

Year: 2021 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

Decision Support Based on Digital Twin Simulation: A Case Study

Authors: Pires, F. ; Souza M. ; Ahmad B. ; Leitão, P

Studies in Computational Intelligence

Year: 2021 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

A 70-Year Industrial Electronics Society Evolution through Industrial Revolutions: The Rise and Flourishing of Information and Communication Technologies

Authors: Colombo, A ; Karnouskos, S ; Yu X. ; Kaynak O. ; Luo R.C. ; Shi Y. ; Leitão, P ; Ribeiro L. ; Haase J.

IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine

Year: 2021 | Journal | View Abstract | Link

Multi-agent System Architecture for Distributed Home Health Care Information Systems

Authors: Alves, F. ; Rocha A.M.A.C. ; Pereira, A.I. ; Leitão, P

IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Year: 2021 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link