José Rufino

Computer Engineering

José Carlos Rufino Amaro is a Coordinator Professor at the Technology and Management School (ESTiG) of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), in Portugal. Since 1995, he has taught several Computer Engineering related classes (Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Management of Systems and Networks, Parallel Computing, etc.). He has been the Head of the ESTiG Informatics Engineering degree several times (1997 to 2002, and since 2014) and was the Deputy Director of the ESTiG Department of Informatics from 2007 to 2009. He is also in charge of the ESTiG Laboratory of Informatics (including its HPC cluster) since 2004, and of the ESTiG Informatics Resources Centre since 2009. He holds a MSc degree in Distributed Systems (thesis on Applied Cryptography, in 1998) and a PhD in Parallel and Distributed Systems (thesis on Distributed Hash Tables, in 2008). He was in charge of a project that deployed one of the 1st wireless MANs in Portugal, in the early 2000's. Since then, he participated in several other national R&D projects, in the areas of Cluster/Parallel/Heterogeneous Computing, with a late focus on High Energy Physics (as a member of a national laboratory (LIP) enrolled in the CERN Atlas experiment). He co-authored several peer-reviewed papers, ranging from wireless networks performance evaluation to distributed/parallel computing subjects (distributed hash tables, high performance message passing, information retrieval, heterogeneous cluster computing, applied parallel computing - namely to optimization methods in operations research) and, more recently, targeting system virtualization benchmarking.



Publications (31)

Arquitetura para garantia da qualidade de serviços de transporte de mercadorias delicadas
Matos, P. ; Rufino, José ; Lopes, Rui

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Extending heterogeneous applications to remote co-processors with rOpenCL
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Proceedings - Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing

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An Exploratory Study on the Simulation of Stochastic Epidemic Models
Balsa, Carlos ; Lopes I. ; Rufino, José ; Guarda T.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

Year: 2020 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

Numerical simulation of the biological control of the chestnut gall wasp with T. Sinensis
Balsa, Carlos ; Citerici M. ; Lopes I. ; Rufino, José

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Year: 2019 | Conference Proceeding | View Abstract | Link

From the popular tRNAleu-COX2 intergenic region to the mitogenome: insights from diverse honey bee populations of Europe and North Africa
Henriques D. ; Chavez-Galarza J. ; Quaresma A. ; Neves C.J. ; Lopes A.R. ; Costa C. ; Costa F.O. ; Rufino, José ; Pinto M.A.


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