João Paulo Teixeira

Electrical Engineering

João Paulo Ramos Teixeira is graduated, Master and PhD in Electrical and Computers Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). He is Professor since 1995 in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança teaching in the areas of digital electronics, signal processing and rehabilitation engineering. He is author of 2 books, twelve chapter books, 30 articles and more than 50 conference papers, all with revision by his peers. His research interest areas are related with signal processing and signal modulation and forecasting. He has been working with Artificial Neural Networks, Speech Signal Processing, EEG signals for discrimination of Alzheimer disease, ECG signal events detection and Prediction of Time Series.



Smart-Data-Driven System for Alzheimer Disease Detection through Electroencephalographic Signals

Authors: Araujo T. ; Teixeira, J. P. ; Rodrigues P.M.


Year: 2022 | Journal | View Abstract | Link

TTS-Portuguese Corpus: a corpus for speech synthesis in Brazilian Portuguese

Authors: Casanova E. ; Junior A.C. ; Shulby C. ; Oliveira F.S. ; Teixeira, J. P. ; Ponti M.A. ; Aluisio S.

Language Resources and Evaluation

Year: 2022 | Journal | View Abstract | Link

Digital technologies for innovative mental health rehabilitation

Authors: Lopes, Rui ; Barroso B. ; Deusdado L. ; Novo A. ; Guimaraes M. ; Teixeira, J. P. ; Leitão, P

Electronics (Switzerland)

Year: 2021 | Journal | View Abstract | Link

Leaf-Based Species Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Authors: Pires W.O. ; Fernandes R.C. ; de PaulaFilho P.L. ; Candido Junior A. ; Teixeira, J. P.

Communications in Computer and Information Science

Year: 2021 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

Voice Pathologies: The Most Comum Features and Classification Tools

Authors: Fernandes J.F.T. ; Freitas D. ; Teixeira, J. P.

Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI

Year: 2021 | Conference Proceeding | View Abstract | Link