João Paulo Coelho

Electrical Engineering

João Paulo Coelho holds a degree in electrical engineering, a master's degree in engineering technology and a doctorate in computational intelligence. In addition to being an integrated researcher at CeDRI, he is also a collaborator at CITAB - Centro de Investigação e de Tecnologias Agro-ambientais e Biológicas and at INESC-TEC - Technology and Science. Moreover, he is also a member of APCA - Associação Portuguesa de Controlo Automático. Since 2002, he is with the department of electrotechnics at the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. His main research interests involves the development of electronic instrumentation, embedded and programmable logic devices, control systems design and application of machine learning algorithms in industrial systems.


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Publications (34)

Cdm controller design of a grid connected photovoltaic system
Coelho, João ; Giernacki W. ; José A. Carvalho Gonçalves ; Boaventura-Cunha J.

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

Year: 2021 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

Performance enhancement of a neato xv-11 laser scanner applied to mobile robot localization: A stochastic modeling approach
José A. Carvalho Gonçalves ; Coelho, João ; Braz-Cesar M. ; Costa P.

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

Year: 2021 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

Cyberphysical network for crop monitoring and fertigation control
Coelho, João ; Rosse H.V. ; Boaventura-Cunha J. ; Pinho T.M.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)

Year: 2019 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

Development of a brain emotional learning based controller for application to vibration control of a building structure under seismic excitation
Braz-Cesar M. ; José A. Carvalho Gonçalves ; Coelho, João ; Barros R.

COMPDYN Proceedings

Year: 2019 | Conference Proceeding | View Abstract | Link

Semi-active vibration control of a non-collocated civil structure using evolutionary-based BELBIC
Cesar M.B. ; Coelho, João ; José A. Carvalho Gonçalves


Year: 2019 | Journal | View Abstract | Link