Carlos Balsa


Carlos Balsa studied numerical methods at the Universidade do Porto and at Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse where he holds a PhD in in the field of Computational Sciences and Applied Mathematics. Currently, he teaches mathematics at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and his research interests are the numerical and computational methods concerning fluid mechanics, heat transfer and data mining.



Intelligent System and Data Analytics

Computational simulation of the COVID-19 epidemic with the SEIR stochastic model

Authors: Balsa, Carlos ; Lopes I. ; Guarda T. ; Rufino, José

Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory

Year: 2021 | Journal | View Abstract | Link

An Exploratory Study on the Simulation of Stochastic Epidemic Models

Authors: Balsa, Carlos ; Lopes I. ; Rufino, José ; Guarda T.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

Year: 2020 | Book Series | View Abstract | Link

Numerical simulation of the biological control of the chestnut gall wasp with T. Sinensis

Authors: Balsa, Carlos ; Citerici M. ; Lopes I. ; Rufino, José

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Year: 2019 | Conference Proceeding | View Abstract | Link

Simulação do Escoamento Atmosférico sobre Topografia Urbana Idealizada Através do Openfoam

Authors: Balsa, Carlos ; Bruno Bittencourt


Year: 2018 | MSc | View Abstract |

Simulação numérica de comportamento ao fogo de estruturas mistas (lajes)

Authors: Balsa, Carlos ; Lucas Prates


Year: 2018 | MSc | View Abstract |