Internal workshop will be held on the theme of carbon

Jun 24, 2022

On June 24 (Friday), in room 114 of the ESTiG, an internal workshop will be held on the theme of carbon, which aims to identify the technical and scientific expertise installed in the IPB and the creation of synergies for the development of collaborative work.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

9h30: Reception

10h00: Panel #1: Carbon monitoring

  Field sensing for carbon data collection, Manuel

Feliciano, Maria do Sameiro Patrício

  IoT technologies for data collection, transmission and storage,

João Paulo Coelho, Paulo Leitão

  Computational infrastructure to support advanced data analysis

data analysis, José Rufino

10h45: Panel #2: Carbon markets and sequestration

  Evaluation of carbon dynamics in the landscape, João Azevedo

  Monitoring carbon sequestration associated with silvopastoral activity

activity using remote sensing, IoT, and artificial intelligence, Marina Castro

artificial intelligence, Marina Castro, João Paulo Castro, José Castro

  Soil organic carbon evaluation using satellite images and deep learning

deep learning techniques, Rui Pedro Lopes, Tomás Figueiredo

  Soil carbon stock determination by inverse correlation

of soil density using a Neural Regressor Committee, Diego


11h45: Panel #3: wildfire prevention

  SAFe - Forest Alert Monitoring System, José Lima

  Biomass identification and calculation system, João Paulo Castro

  Capture of multispectral and thermal images using drones, José Lima

Lima, João Paulo Castro

12h30: Closing Session

 The session can be followed remotely through the following link: