Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Decision Support

The evolution and growth of the systems complexity to meet the rapid changing world demands the use of virtualization, associated with the digital twins concept. Modelling and simulation techniques can be used to create virtual environments where the system model can be exercised according to different scenarios and consequently to design the most optimized strategies, saving costs and time while minimizing the deployment risks and reducing development cycles. Research on development of numerical methods based on traditional, populational or multi-agent systems, and study of mathematical models should be used to simulate and characterize engineering behaviours. Process simulation using modelling environments can be performed, with particular focus on dynamic processes, robotics and networks, taking in account stochastic effects.

This research topic includes the following topics/technologies:

  • Virtualization / digital twins
  • Modelling
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Simulation

The on-going R&D projects in this research topic are ARUM, MathE, SMiLD, VR@School, Mova.