Intelligent and Collaborative Robotic Systems

The use of smart and collaborative solutions, where people and robots can work together helping each other, are currently required. This field provides industrial innovation, particularly in mobile manipulators and autonomous robots. Industry requires manipulators to handle or move objects, but also mobile robotics to transport objects. Integrating both components brings the ability of autonomously handle and transport objects in a very flexible manner in logistic scenarios. Autonomous robots can perform tasks and decisions without human intervention. This field also focus on navigation with new localization methods, control and prototyping of autonomous robots, and collaboration in multi-robot systems. Additionally, artificial vision and machine learning are exploited to support autonomous robots and advanced robotized inspection cells.

This research topic includes the following topics/technologies:

  • Intelligent robotics
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Multi-robotic systems
  • Artificial vision

The on-going R&D projects in this research topic are MOVA, APSEHAL, I40@TMAD, PERFoRM.