Winners of the Industrial Mobile Manipulator Challenge (IMMC 2022)

Nov 8, 2022

Researchers Pedro Mendes, Guido Szekir Berger (Research Center in Digitalization and Intelligent Robotics - CeDRI) and Matheus Ferraz (University of Osnabrück – Germany) are awarded in the participation of the Industrial Mobile Manipulator Challenge (IMMC 2022), reaching the classification of 1st place.

IMMC is a challenge conducted in a simulated environment, where heterogeneous teams from different countries competed in virtual exercises using a prefabricated mobile manipulator through ROS and Gazebo, aiming to solve different problems commonly found in the industry. The winners were selected from 14 teams, a total of 21 participants from 6 countries (Netherlands, Croatia, Portugal, India, Iran, and Austria).

Congratulations to our winners!!!