STC 4.0 HP (New Generation of Stoneware Tableware in Ceramic 4.0 by High Pressure Casting Robot work cell) Project

Jan 26, 2021

The STC 4.0 HP (New Generation of Stoneware Tableware in Ceramic 4.0 by High Pressure Casting Robot work cell) project aims to establish the production conditions that will allow GRESTEL to worldwide launch a range of innovative products in fine stoneware tableware as a result of the combination of different Ceramics 4.0 technologies of the industrial value chain, conformed by (STC 4.0 HP) High Pressure Casting Robot work cell with robotic finishing and artificial vision control, supported by new knowledge and technological developments at industry 4.0 level. This project aims to robotize an industrial process that, until recent time, would have been almost unthinkable. With the advent of collaborative robots and the advancement of fundamental research in industrial robotics, today it is possible to approach the robotization of all forming processes, which include high pressure pressing, drying and subsequent finishing. It should be noted that, other than the mechanization of high pressure and the existence of a fixed dryer, all other activities do not add any value to the product and are carried out exclusively by hand. Naturally, due to the respective handling, defects arise and create habits and sources of uncontrolled variability, thus originating productivity and qualities that can be the target of significant improvements in the state of the art in the sector.

The project consortium is composed by an industrial company GRESTEL - PRODUTOS CERÂMICOS S.A, by two entities of the scientific Portuguese system, the Polytechnic institute of Bragança (IPB) and the Polytechnic institute of Leiria, and also the Research Group from Limerick School of Art & Design of the Limerick Institute of Technology (Ireland). The IPB team is led by José Gonçalves, which is a CeDRI Researcher, with the collaboration of the Researchers João Coelho and José Santos. The project budget is 984.279,05 €, being the IPB Budget 301.158,68 €.