Research and Innovation Laboratory

Laboratório de Inovação

CeDRI has an integrated and multifunctional r&i environment, comprising several laboratorial facilities:

  • Covering different scientific areas
  • Combining laboratorial classes and development of final BsC and MSc projects
  • One lab fully dedicated for R&I activities

This ecosystem allows to integrate senior researchers, PhD students and young researchers running moderate to advanced R&I activities, also contributing for the initiation of young students in R&D activities.

The Research and Innovation Laboratory (L2I) is the laboratory space fully dedicated to R&I activities, comprising individual work spaces for model or SW-based research as also a set of equipment and infrastructures to support a more HW-based research, namely, robots, automation controllers, artificial vision systems and IoT technologies.

The flexible production cell and the data cluster and are key platforms to support the development of R&I activities.

The small-scale production unit allows the circulation of parts in a flexible production system, providing the necessary experimentation of developed prototype solutions. This production unit is composed by several conveyor belts, one IRB 1400 ABB robot, two punching machine, two indexed line with 2 machining stations, one pneumatic processing center, all from Fischertecnhiks, and several RFID readers as also several buffers. These automation devices are controlled with Omron and Schneider PLCs.

The cluster infrastructure allows to run highly-complex data analysis applications demanding for high-processing capabilities, namely supporting the employment of Big data techniques and deploying deep learning algorithms. The cluster is being maintained by CeDRI researchers and might be used internally by other research groups or externally by the community.

Additionally, CeDRI has a laboratorial space in the Brigantia EcoPark that contributes to boost the science and technology transfer, particularly the development of R&I activities closer to installed companies.